Daniel Charlton

Full Stack Software Developer


Developer by trade, specialising in .net technologies. Hobbyist tampering with everything from Javascript to Ada.

My current role involves working on a .net MVC solution with a MongoDB database.

I have professional experience with ASP.Net MVC focusing on backend development implementing business logic and middleware with a variety of technologies.

To keep my skills up to date I also work on a number of personal projects so that I can get familiar with new technology and frameworks.

Specialties: C#, .Net technologies, Relational & Document Databases, HTML5/JavaScript


Selenium Chloride

A wrapper for Selenium Webdriver to make it friendlier to non-developers as well as making it easier to implement the page object pattern. read more

Node Starter Set

The contents of this box holds all that is needed to start a Node.js website using Express.js. read more

Linq To TMX

Easy to use library to use Translation Memory eXchange (.tmx) files with LINQ queries. read more

To Pseudo Locale

A single extension method for string to change it from English to a pseudo language. read more